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best option for space heating/DHW in the southwest

WesleyJames | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi, I’ve been digging through all of the articles on (dead)solar thermal, pv, heat pumps and feeling some analysis paralysis on choosing a green solution for space heating/DHW. 
My question is for a year round sunny location like Santa Fe, NM where space heating is needed but cooling from a mini split is not needed (for me at least) is PV with electric water heater and mini split still the best choice? My preference would be for some form of radiant heat. I’m assuming any house here will be under-insulated and also in need of new DHW/heat solution so I would be starting from scratch. I know this is a broad question but most of the info I’ve read here has been geared to more hot/humid climates with less sun.


  1. Expert Member
    AKOS TOTH | | #1

    You really can't beat the simplicity and efficinecy of a ducted mini split. Even if you don't need cooling, it is still the most efficient way to make heat from electricity.

    Anything hydronic adds so much extra cost that there is no ROI on going to it.

    Your best bet is generally PV+Mini Split+Heat Pump water heater. Even if the heat for the HPWH is coming from the mini split during the winter, it is still more efficient than resistance tank.

    If you have a lot of roof you can sometimes add in enough PV panels to offset the extra power and go for a regular resistance water heater.

    1. WesleyJames | | #2

      thanks for the feedback Akos!

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