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Removing Old Tyvek House Wrap

bonai | Posted in General Questions on

Hi there,

Our construction got delayed by a lot (1 1/2 year) and our Tyvek Housewrap stayed under the sun for longer than the manufacturer’s guidelines and is also starting to tear off at some areas.

We want to replace it with blueskin VP100. Once we remove the Tyvek, there will be hundreds of staples left in the OSB sheathing, most not flushed with the sheathing.

What is best practice? Should I hammer down all of them flushed before the contractor removes the Tyvek? ( I know he won’t do it)

Another question, I am installing exterior insulation, 1 1/2″ of silverboard GPS insulation foam. They claim that properly taped, this can eliminate the need of a “weather barrier” barrier (no need of tyvek or bluskin???).

What is everyone thought on this? Should I leave the old tyvek and just install this on top?


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  1. kbentley57 | | #1

    Was the tyvek installed with Staples only? No cap staples or cap nails? If so, its good for removal , (not great according to their install docs). I think preferably the contractor would do what you ask of him, especially since it would void the warranty on the tryveck to have untaped penetrations. Not that it's not done all the time.

    Vp100 is overkill, especially when you're going to put foam over top of it. Are the seams of the sheathing taped taped? If not this might be a blessing in disguise, and a chance to do that while the tyvek is off.

  2. bonai | | #2

    Thanks for the reply/

    The Tyvek stayed that long with just staples.
    No, the seams of the OSB sheathing were never taped. The contractor quoted almost the same price to tape the seams+Tyvek or Blueskin only, that's why I went with Blueskin.

    I am talking to Silverboard, they confirmed that their insulation board properly taped, satisfies code to replace a vapour barrier.

    What is everyone opinion on this? OSB + GPS boards only, is it too light of a protection for my walls?


    1. kbentley57 | | #3

      At the same price, I'd take the VP100 over tyvek and tape. With the difference in material price, I feel like they're probably extracting more from the tyvek + tape install. VP100 is about 5x the price per square ft as tyvek, without the primer or flashings that need to go with either.

      In any case, I feel that the wall needs something, even if it is just tyvek over un-taped seams.

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