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Brick veneer cladding and exterior rigid foam

MJDesigns | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Exterior wall cladding on a house that we’re looking to build is primarily fiber cement with a 42″ brick water table at the base. Wall construction from the framing out is 2×6 with OSB sheathing, 2″ of XPS rigid foam and house wrap. Upper portion under the fiber cement will include 1×3 vertical furring to provide for ventilation and a way to secure the fiber cement. Lower portion by the brick will incorporate a 1″ air gap and a mesh material at the base to prevent mortar droppings from blocking any weep holes. Question is what is the best method to secure the bricks to the studs … brick ties through the house wrap, rigid foam and OSB sheathing? Any special type of tie (construction or material) to consider for use with the foam and house wrap? Any treatment required around the wrap and foam where the ties penetrate the barrier? Thanks for your input.

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  1. NpuE3F5pnj | | #1

    Stay away from the typical corrugated wall ties since they will interfere with the insulation. Use something like Hohmann & Barnard's DW-10X or newer WingNut 2-Seal tie that actually sit on top of the insulation. Heckman Building Products has similar products.

  2. MJDesigns | | #2

    Thanks for the feedback Brian! The rep from Heckmann recommended a product called Pos-I-Tie for anchoring brick veneer through rigid foam as another alternative as suggested above.

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