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budget friendly sealed crawlspace dehumidifier?

BrunoF | Posted in General Questions on

I am looking for suggestions on budget friendly dehumidifiers for a crawl space.  I am on the final stages of finishing our new house and just had the crawl space sealed and insulated (R-15 on the block, R19 fiberglass in the band) but I think I will still need some dehumidification if only for the first few months while the wood moves toward equilibrium moisture content.

My air handler is in the crawl and the crawl was designed to be part of the conditioned space so I have a small supply duct delivering conditioned air but it isn’t moving enough dry air to bring that space down to 55%.

The crawlspace is approximately 1650 square feet and has an average height of 4.5′ so roughly 7500 cubic feet of volume.

any suggestions on reasonably priced dehumidiers will be appreciated!


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