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Building a passive-inspired net-zero home in Atlantic Canada: question on windows & doors

KrisCurrie | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Good afternoon, I am looking to source energy efficient windows and doors in Canada with good u-values? I have a quote from Zola but buying south of the border is not an option with the dollar at $1.48 today. Thanks Kris

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  1. RD3Sunworks | | #1


    I have been reasonably happy for the last 2 years or so with my Accurate Dorwin windows, fiberglass frames, plenty of low u, tight, quiet casements or pictures. See my guest blog here at GBA, under Green Homes.

    AD is in Winnipeg. Rep Yuki is very good. You shouldn't have the problems I had---higher cost due to the border, and AD has no control over shipping after it enters the US so my windows showed up at my house with no lift gate as promised.

    Only problem MIGHT be: They are a fairly small company and its almost time for the busy season, so
    a smaller order might take a while. Also, the last I heard, they didn't offer their own sliding glass patio door, but the one I got through them is very good.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Here is a list of the Canadian window manufacturers that produce triple-glazed windows with fiberglass frames:

    Accurate Dorwin
    1535 Seel Ave.
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 1C6
    Fax: 204-982-8383

    Duxton Windows
    10 Higgins Street
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0A1
    Fax: 204-334-1800

    Entreprises Marchand Portes et Fenêtres
    165 Ave. Lamarche
    Ville Sainte-Catherine, Québec JOL 1EO
    Fax: 514-365-3704
    [email protected]

    Fibertec Window Manufacturing Ltd.
    157 Rivermede Road, Unit 2
    Concord, Ontario L4K 3M4
    Fax: 905-660-6581
    [email protected]

    Inline Fiberglass Ltd.
    30 Constellation Court
    Toronto, Ontario M9W 1K1
    Fax: 416-679-1150
    [email protected]

    There's also Thermotech Windows in Ottawa -- but Thermotech has generated a lot of customer complaints over the years.

  3. KrisCurrie | | #3

    Thanks Rick and Martin

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