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Building from ICF

sophie99 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all,

I am considering building a single family home using ICF in Chicago suburbs. Can someone recommend a good and experienced contractor to do the job?

Any ideas about the cost premium over the traditional wood framing?

Thanks so much.


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  1. user-1012653 | | #1

    you are looking at anywhere from 3-6% more. things that can come into play with price is the complexity of the home, experience/speed of the builder, etc.

  2. user-946029 | | #2


    I simply went to and searched for an ICF contractor. I found only one:

    Biltmore Insulated Concrete
    Eric Barton, President
    3649 Leonard Wood East
    Highland Park, Illinois 60035-5905
    Phone: 847-681-1973

    Apparently, he's trained on the Passivhaus method, and has experience with LEED and NGBS certifications.

    Disclosure: I met Eric back in 2006, when he first entered the ICF industry. He's a very nice guy and was eager to learn, but I haven't had any interaction with him since 2009.

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