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Cambridge Pavers installation

Redhawks6344 | Posted in General Questions on
I had Cambridge Pavers installed one week ago. Some of the pavers look dry in the middle, some wet, some fully dry. It doesn’t look much different from the day it was installed. It hasn’t rained in two days here.
Is there a reason for this discoloring? The color is “Toffee Onyx Light.” It does not look like the catalog picture.
Do they need time to dry out after being stacked on a pallet outside in the winter? 
Just wondering people’s opinions before I reach out to the contractor.

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Redhawk, I'm not familiar with "Cambridge Pavers" but they appear to be a composite of some sort? Do you know what they used to fill the joints? It's common to use a resin-sand mix which might have stained the pavers. Their online instructions only say to install them right side up. I would start by asking the contractor if they have seen this issue before and what their materials and processes were. Then I'd talk to the manufacturer's technical department.

  2. Redhawks6344 | | #2

    Thanks for the response. I’ve asked a few friends and they seem to think they look like that from “sitting on a pallet all winter stacked up and it takes them a few weeks to fully dry out. They will eventually look like the middle of the pavers that look dry.” Is that a possibility?

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