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Can anyone recommend a great quality windows that aren’t 1000$ for a 30×48

wiscoguy | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m looking at windows for my new home build and I e called alpen and Pella so far. Alpen are amazing wi does but at 1000$ for a 30×48 I think they are too expensive for me. Pella I’m afraid won’t have quite enough u value for what I’m after. 

I live in south eastern wi we would be considered zone 6 but sometimes we get those huge -20 temps for a week or two and then in summer we get the 100 degree days on occasion as well so wildly different temps. It’s not uncommon for 40-50 degree temp changes daily. 

I’d appreciate any thoughts anyone might have on a quality window with great u factor that may be more affordable for me. I tried looking on the passive house website but there were only like 3 that were in zone 6. I don’t need passive levels of insulation but I’d like the best I can personally afford. 

Thanks for any recommendations,


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