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Can vinyl siding cause my family members and pets get a rash and itch?

Karenski51 | Posted in General Questions on

I had vinyl siding put on my house 2 months ago. Since then me, my daughter and my 3 dogs all itch and have a rash. Can thatbe caused by the siding?


  1. Richard Beyer | | #1

    My recommendation is if your family is having reactions after a recent home improvement to consult with an environmental engineer to figure out what the cause of your allergic reaction may be related to. You can easily locate one by contacting your state department of public health.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    I have never heard of vinyl siding causing the problems that your family is experiencing.

    In any case, regardless of what I've ever heard about, you should discuss these symptoms with your doctor. A physician is better equipped to help you than anyone on a construction web site.

  3. srenia | | #3

    Agree with the previous suggestions.

    If you air sealed the envelope with the new siding then it might not be the siding at all. Could be another chemical in the house that is having a hard time escaping that wasn't noticeable before. Could be anything in the house causing the problem.

  4. Richard Beyer | | #4

    "Is your vinyl siding killing you?"

    In my opinion, Martin is also right by alerting Karen (& children) to see her doctor. Skin rashes could be an alarm for a more serious underlying problem or it could be as simple as allergens from pets which should also be taken serious. Most doctors will refer you to an allergy specialist or a dermatologist when the diagnosis is skin related. Many will prefer to write a prescription rather than diagnose from the source (your house).

    This is where an Environmental Engineer and/or Industrial Hygienists comes in.

    This link will help you understand there's more to a home than most think. It's not just a box that you live in anymore...

    Connecticut Department of Public Health
    Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)|#Mold

    Here's a valuable link to keyword most building product chemicals in for a better understanding of their side effects n health....

    Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry

    These organizations monitor the building products community for toxic chemicals and building materials.

    GreenGuard by Underwriters Laboratory

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