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Cement board trim on a stucco home instead of styrofoam bumpouts?

dot1 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

My home is brick and textured (not smooth) stucco with rough cedar trim. The cedar trim is not in good shape. As I’ve been replacing windows, it is clearly time to do something about the trim.  My first choice was to have the wood pulled off and then fill in with stucco.  But I learned that there isn’t wire behind the wood so the stucco on the walls would have to be cut back considerably to lay wire in for the stucco process.  And I’m just not thrilled about styrofoam bumpouts or paper over wood bumpouts.  I would really rather have something more fireproof than wood wherever possible. So I’m looking at wood-grain look cement board trim around the windows and doors, on the porch columns and at the corners of the building.  Bad idea?  Less bad than wood but still not good?  Something better out there?  

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