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HardieTrim on a Stucco House

dot1 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Currently my home has old, fairly degraded cedar trim around windows.  It has to be replaced.  I thought about just filling in to the windows with stucco, but the finish might not match well and could crack.  So I considered those foam, cement-coated pop-out boards.  Would be ok, but not thrilled about styrofoam anything, and just ok with the pop-out look.  Then I looked at Hardietrim, but I’ve not heard of it being used on a stucco home.  I’ve only viewed it on a home with siding, and thought it looked really nice.  Would love to hear from building professionals about Hardietrim on a stucco home — would it be weird, ok, great, not the best option, not doable at all?  Thanks in advance for any information / suggestions.

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