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Clearances for Wood Stove

bevett | Posted in General Questions on

We recently replaced our oil boiler with a heat pump and now need a heat source for our basement. Trying to decide between pellet stove and wood stove. The previous owners seem to have had a wood stove. There is a brick-lined embrasure in the wall 31 1/4″ wide and 28″ deep. It has a 6″ vent pipe in chimney running up the side of the house. In the research I’ve done, it seems that clearances for a stove of either kind are 6″, but I’m unclear if that is to a combustible wall, or if we could still put a wood fireplace at least partially into this embrasure. There are pellet stoves that are less than 20″ wide, but no wood stoves that I can find in my price range. Does anyone know if the clearance requirement applies to a masonry wall? Thanks!

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  1. plumb_bob | | #1

    The best bet is to check with the stove manufacturer about what is required/allowed for clearances. It is not just about the wall catching fire, there also needs to be some air circulation around the stove so the stove walls do not get too hot.

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