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Combining Acrylic Tape and Liquid Flashing

mikeysp | Posted in General Questions on

Hi. I am zone 4a and am framing my place this week.

How do I connect 3M 8067 acrylic tape to Dymonic 100?

Which goes first? Will I need a primer between the two?

Materials were selected as the cheapest solution I could find as a DIY’r.

Where I am using:
3m 8067 for OSB seams and window/door header/trimmer to OSB joints.

Dymonic 100 for OSB to Concrete and window/door sills and in corners of header/trimmer.

I have tried calling Tremco Tech support many times, but my timing must be off, so I decided to ask you folks at GBA forum.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Hi Mike,

    I will give your post a bump. It can be hard to get input on this type of question (products from different manufacturers). The application instructions suggest you don't need a primer. If you have time, I would do a test on an isolated area or using scrap materials.

  2. kyle_r | | #2

    3M 90 spray adhesive really helps the 8067 stick to challenging surfaces. I would follow Steve’s advice and test it out.

  3. Expert Member
    Joshua Salinger | | #3

    Hi Mike,

    Generally speaking, the liquid applied can adhere to tapes, and tapes don't adhere to liquid applied. We follow this rule and make sure to apply all the tapes first and follow with any liquid applied products. This is just a general rule, so I would certainly keep trying to get a hold of the manufacturers and also agree with Steve about testing it.


  4. Patrick_OSullivan | | #4

    I have anecdotal evidence of good adhesion between {3M 8067, Zip Stretch} and {Zip Liquid Flash, Henry Air Bloc LF, and Pro Clima Contega HF}. In all cases, it's the liquid stuff bonding to the non-sticky side of the tapes.

  5. jberks | | #5

    Ah my two favourite products... I eat dymonic 100 for breakfast.

    I'm going to against the grain here. This is solely from my anecdotal experience, and I haven't specifically tested this interface.

    In my experience, PU sealants don't adhere well to smooth surfaces, such as PE sheeting (vapour barrier) or Canadian red sheathing tape (tucktape). It'll stick, but it also peels off relatively easily. However, acrylic tapes do adhere well to smooth surfaces as well as mildly rough surfaces.

    So since the topside of 3M 8067 is a pretty smooth surface, I'd be worried the PU won't adhere well to it. Or that long term expansion/contraction might bring a premature failure.

    The acrylic adhesion side of 3M 8067 is pretty tenacious and (I believe) would adhere well to a fully cured PU. just as it sticks well to most smooth-moderate rough surfaces. As long as the dymonic is reasonably smoothed out and fully cured.

    For what it's worth,


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