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Comments — oldest first or newest first?

Daniel Morrison | Posted in General Questions on

I got another email from one of the GBA regulars asking if I could change the comment settings to display the newest comment at the top rather than the oldest comment at the top of the thread.

After clicking a few boxes, i discovered that yes, I can change that fairly easily.

I suspect that some people will be unhappy with this, so I’m going to take a poll:

Newest comments first or oldest comments first?


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  1. user-869687 | | #1

    Of course you already have that option. Maybe a lot of people don't notice the button.

  2. dickrussell | | #2

    It seems only the four most recently started general questions show on the main page. Ones older than that get bumped off to the list you see when you click "View All Questions," even while they are still active. How about some better way to see dates of most recent posts, to save thumbing through the old list one thread at a time?

  3. Daniel Morrison | | #3

    The button does not appear below the blog comments.

  4. user-659915 | | #4

    It looks like the default setting for blog comments has now been reversed to appear newest instead of oldest first. As it happens that's my personal preference but it would be great to have the choice, as we do with Q & A comments.

  5. kevin_in_denver | | #5

    I noticed this poll is running pretty close.
    Normally I prefer Oldest down to Newest. But when those good threads reach about 30 posts, then it's better to have the newest post on top, so you don't have to keep scrolling down.

  6. user-651098 | | #6

    If one has visited a discussion previously, they probably want to read only the newest additions. However, a newcomer wants to read the whole thread to follow the discussion as it evolved. Could we have an option button to offer the choice of oldest -to-newest or vice versa?

  7. user-651098 | | #7

    Sometimes, when the strings are very long, on a subsequent visit, it takes a bit of time to find the point where the reader left the discussion. Is there anyway to add a function which would indicate that point?

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