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Compact roof air barrier

BerDean | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I am building my roof with two slightly different methods. First being large timber trusses covered with 2×8 tongue and groove pine. Second being manufactured attic trusses covered with OSB sheating. Both methods will have two layers of 4.5″ foam above that. Then 2×4 sleepers laid flat spaced 2′ on center from eve to ridge covered by OSB sheating creating a cold roof. My question is what material should I use, between the pine boards in method one and the OSB sheating in method two and the foam, as my air barrier? Ilive in zone 5. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Jon_R | | #1

    Consider an adhered membrane to add an air barrier to T&G pine. OSB can be taped (so can foam).

    Your assembly is similar to OSB SIPs. I'd air seal both sides of it.

    1. BerDean | | #2

      Thanks Jon R,

      What kind of tape would you recommend?

      1. Jon_R | | #3

        I'd go by the advice you will find if you put "best tape" in the upper right search box. Check carefully if you intend to tape EPS foam.

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