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Condensate from a high-efficiency furnace

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I had a new high efficiency furnace installed last year after my old furnace gave out, here is the problem I am having.
The furnace is in the basement and sets about 4 feet below the sewer line and below ground level outside. I have a sub pump that I installed in the basement when I purchased the house just incase the foundation wanted to leak or a water line broke etc. It has a pipe that connects to the sewage line with a trap.
The guy that installed the furnace just ran the Condensate lines one for the furnace and one for the air along the floor and down into the concrete tub I made in the floor were the sub pump is. I know it is a small amount of water but it does accumulate and does smell is there a way to pump this water directly from the two lines either up to the sewer or out side so it does not accumulate down there.
Thanks for any help and sugestion.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    You need a condensate pump. See this web page for a few typical pumps:

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