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SDesrosiers | Posted in General Questions on

I built a greeen house. I made a series of double paned polycarbonate windows-doors with a wood core for better insulation in the cold Quebec air. Some of the windows have condensation in between the panes so the windows are foggy. ui was planning on drilling holes on the bottom inside edge of the windows but I not sure it’s the solution. I think it willl make the condensation worse in the winter because of the temperature and humidity difference between the interio and exterior. Where am I best to drill a hole to let this condensation out.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    In cold climate, you want the vent to be to outdoors. The outside dewpoint is lower than indoors during winter, so there will be less condensation. This won't completely eliminate the condensation but it will reduce it.

    If you can find a supplier for it, those gore protective vent stickers over the holes will help in keeping dust and dirt out from between the panes.

    The best solution is to replace your DIY dual panes with proper insulated glass units. Most window manufacturers can sell you just the glass to your specific size. These are not that expensive and will stay clear all year around.

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