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Continous Rock Wool insulation and an outie window

GillHall | Posted in General Questions on

Greeting to all,
I am a owner (old) and builder ( learning how to do it right). I am struggling with the instructions on waterproofing and installation of outie windows utilizing continuous rock wool insulation. 
 1. 2×6 construction
2. Zip sheeting for shear and WRB
3. 2 inch continuous Rock Wool exterior insulation
4. Furring strips
5. Rain shield
6. Cladding ( thickness to be determined.)
1.  I want to use Zip tape and zip wall to form the buck. ( does this work?)
2. I assume tape will not adhere to the Rock Wool. So can I use Liquid flashing for water control between the rock wool and the buck? 
3. Do I make the pan to overlap the Zip sheeting or extend it to overlap the Rock Wool to the rain barrier?
  This is where I an confused. I have reviewed the sequence in GBA and BSC.
Thanks for your assistance and advice.
BTW- this is Garage with a living space on the second floor. I am learning in the garage portion before I try the living space.

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  1. Andrew_C | | #1

    One reference that may provide details and sequencing information is BSI085_Windows Can Be a Pain at the BSC website. E.g., see Figures 7 & 8 for Outie windows and exterior mineral wool. (Perhaps you've read this article already, but there's a LOT of information to digest both here at GBA and at BSC and FHB.)

    Nice that you have an opportunity to practice a bit and get familiar with the techniques. Suggestion: takes pictures along the way, even if you don't intend to share them here on GBA ;)

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