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Measuring Intake Airflow

aston01 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I have been looking at my options for continually measuring the airflow of my fresh air intake duct and haven’t found many methods that work with a fixed probe, most involve a probe traverse which is more suitable for spot testing but not really practical for ongoing monitoring.

An Averaging Flow Sensor probe looks like it could potentially work, but as I understand it they actually likely need their installation calibrated.

Series PAFS-1000 Averaging Flow Sensor | Dwyer Instruments (

Is there any other type of probe that would be more suited to this type of use?

FWIW the intake is 6in round rigid duct and the sensor I would be using is a

Sensorion 816 Series
– Measurement range: ± 2.0″ wc (±500 Pa)
– Zero-point accuracy: ± 0.0004″ wc (±0.1 Pa)
– Resolution (zero-point repeatability): ±0.0002″ wc (±0.05 Pa)
– Fully calibrated and temperature-compensated at Sensirion Factory

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