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Continuous Exterior Insulation and Brick Veneer in Retrofit

BreinJ | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

I am currently going through the stages of redoing the siding and windows on a 1984 built house in Climate Zone 5B. I plan on using continuous exterior insulation, the problem I am having is that we have a section of brick veneer that is the exterior for only a portion of the house(1 room and some partial walls in other rooms.) If I do the continuous insulation on the majority of the house, what can I do about the brick veneer? Is Dense pack cellulose a good option because I can’t easily retrofit in rigid insulation without tearing down the interior walls? Currently they are 2×4 walls with R-13 fiberglass batts.

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  1. Expert Member

    Replacing the R13 batts with cellulose won't really gain you anything, the difference in the two will never result in meaningful energy savings.

    Is tearing the brick down an option? There are all kinds of new veneer type products that could replace it over the insulation that gets installed.

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