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Contractor for rigid foam roof in SE Pennsylvania?

Matthew Roberts | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m having trouble finding a contractor who works with rigid foam over sheathing on a roof.  Can anyone recommended one in the SE Pennsylvania / Bucks County / Philly suburb area?  Thx. Matt

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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    Roofing contractors who cater to commercial building construction are more likely to know how to deal with it than residential general contractors or roofing contractor who focus on the residential roofing market. The key is to find the commercial roofing contractor willing to deal with something as small as a house roof with the potential complexities thereof, but there are many small commercial buildings with roofs no larger than a mid-sized house.

  2. Randell Jesup | | #2

    I'd be interested what you find - I have roofs of homasote (~3.5-4" compressed cellulose panels) with I presume plywood and shingles over cathedral ceilings (with 4x12" exposed rafters about 48" OC). This is maybe r-11 at best, though no thermal bridging which helps. On the north side, snow will stick a long time though. I've been thinking next time I need to re-roof to add major amounts of insulation above the homasote (dealing with the edges will be interesting, but I presume doable). The alternative would be to partially fill in inbetween the rafters inside. That would leave a partial thermal bridge, but not a full bridge. However, I was thinking it probably would be more expensive/time-consuming due to scaffolding, and needing to do interior finish on them. Any thoughts?

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