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Cost of a corrugated roof for a 1200 s.f. house?

S. Bonte | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m working with a design-build firm in Oregon and my builder doesn’t want to use corrugated metal for the roof, saying it’s way more expensive than regular standard roofing material. Is this true?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    S. Bonte,
    I have no idea what you mean by "regular standard roofing material." But if you want to know how much a certain type of roofing costs, there is only one way to find out: call local roofing contractors.

  2. Nick Welch | | #2

    I'll assume by "regular" you mean asphalt shingles. Yes, metal roofs are generally more expensive than asphalt shingles.

  3. Expert Member
    Malcolm Taylor | | #3

    There are also several types of corrugated metal roofs. The price per sheet for galvalum is usually about 2/3 the price of those with a Kynar finish.

  4. Ron Johnson | | #4

    Metal roofing is always more expensive than shingles but it does last a lifetime and requires no maintenance. But you need to weigh the cost for yourself - I believe metal roofing is 3 times more expensive.

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