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W Ramsay | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Does anyone have any rough ideas what kind of cost premium PERSIST and REMOTE are over standard upper end construction? By upper end I’m thinking well sealed/insulated standard 2×6, 3.0 ACH50, $300/sq ft overall, etc. Just trying to get an idea if we’re talking 5% extra or 20%.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The only way to get a construction cost estimate is to ask a few local contractors for bids.

    Construction costs are intensely local. Different areas of the country have different labor rates. Construction techniques that are common in Vermont may be rare in Nebraska, and materials that can be easily found in a local lumberyard in California may be impossible to obtain in Montana. Some areas of the country have lots of contractors specializing in EIFS or cellulose insulation, while these contractors are impossible to find in other areas.

  2. W Ramsay | | #2

    Thanks Martin. We're working with a builder but it's difficult for him as well due to all of the unknowns so he can't really give a very good estimate until we've got much more finalized plans from the designers/architects. The architects on the other hand would like to know what kind of wall system before they get too far along with plans and have to redo a gob of stuff.

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