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Damp moldy gyprock behind brick wall

pakrat1 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Looking for a solution   climate zone 2

See Pix   detail, inside pix, outside planter

Problem, note planter box brick work touching gyprock, the entire 20′ long area just above and below is damp with light mold, the rest is in pristine condition and the studs have no rot.   This wall was built in 1952

at this time removing the brick is not an option, so trying to figure out a way to get some sort of vapor barrier between the studs and brick

this wall is in a kitchen with new cabinets being installed on the added double stud wall with dense pack cellulose and an air / vent channel between the inside sheetrock  and the back of the cabinets

So do any of those great minds I watch on the BS and Beer show and any others, have any clever ideas for solving my dilemma

Thanks Mike

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  1. pakrat1 | | #1

    PS I do plan to waterproof the planter box and remove all dirt

  2. Deleted | | #2


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