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Deck & awning attachment to house with exterior mineral wool

mountaincabin | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Hi everyone,

This is a continuation of my exterior insulation, rainscreen and re-siding cabin project.  See my attached pics for wall assembly and deck / awning pictures.  

Question (1):

How should I attach my deck & awning ledger board?  In a previous post  while tearing off my siding it revealed that the old siding was fastened to the wall behind the ledger board.  I’ve since temp. self-suspended the deck to remove the old siding while also being able to properly flash and apply my liquid WRB.  

I was looking at the maine deck bracket  as an option.  My wall thickness will be about 3 5/8″ and the main deck bracket will accomodate a wall thickness up to 4″.  This will allow me to insulate and put siding behind the ledger board.  

My hesitation is many review reveal maybe it’s not the best solution, ups the costs to attaching a deck ledger significantly and are other ways to do this. 

Question (2): 
If I don’t use this bracket, how else should I do it?

Question (3):
How should I attach my awning ledger board?  The bracket won’t work in this location since there isn’t a continuous span of wood to fasten to, just wall studs.  


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