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Dehumidifers, Warranties, Self Installs.

woobagoobaa | Posted in General Questions on

Getting tired of tossing busted big-box-grade dehumidifiers in the dumpster after a year or two.   Looking to up my game with a Aprilaire, Santa Fe, etc.  for the better warranties, but most all of their warranties have an escape clause if the unit is not installed by an authorized dealer.  Does anyone have DIY install + warranty claim experiences with these companies they can share?  I will literally be unboxing, leveling, running a drain hose, turning the unit on … no ducting, that’s it.   And most all of them have detailed install training up on Youtube.  Cheers

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  1. rondeaunotrondo | | #1

    I talked to Aprilaire prior to purchasing the e080 and they stated that as long as it’s installed per instructions, a licensed installer is not needed which is why you’ll see these being sold on “ DIY crawlspace” etc.

    1. woobagoobaa | | #2

      Yes I'm also looking at the E80 and I've asked Aprilaire what install evidence they want for warranty registration.

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