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Dense pack behind Intello Plus or Membrain

dfvellone | Posted in General Questions on

The literature on Intello Plus confirms its use as a “netting” that dense pack cellulose can be installed behind, but I haven’t found any confirmation for Membrain. Does anybody have info on this? Thank you, Daniel

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Daniel, Membrain is not strong enough to dense-pack behind. Intello is strong enough, but you need to allow for air to evacuate when you're installing the cellulose or you won't be able to get a tight enough density. You can't lip-stitch Intello; you need to plan for a furring layer on the interior.

    1. dfvellone | | #2

      Michael, would I be further ahead to have the installers use their netting and then install Membrain after their Installation?

      Furring out the studs presents issues with the knee braces (timberframed home) and installation of paneling. Thanks, Daniel

  2. Deleted | | #3


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