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do i really need a passive radon mitigation setup on my one-story slab-on-grade new home build in climate zone 2?

beedigs | Posted in General Questions on

I understand that where our home build site is located on the yellow zone of the US radon gas map (low potential/risk – TX) but since we are aiming to build better and build tighter and get good air indoor quality is having a passive radon mitigation system still going to be beneficial, or is it something I don’t really need to waste my money on especially with our budget being affected so much by the ridiculously high lumber and construction materials prices?

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    It's much, much easier to do it now than it will be to retrofit a solution later. If you want to save money you could just stub the riser through the floor and cap it, and only extend it through the roof if testing shows that it's necessary. But it probably makes more sense just to complete a passive system. In airtight homes, that's usually enough to keep the levels in the safe range.

  2. HFF | | #2

    Problem is you won't know for sure until you're closed in and can test it. I don't think you can just test the site prebuild. Where I live local variations are high. My next door neighbor requires mitigation, we don't. I would seek guidance from my county health department or university extension service.

  3. walta100 | | #3

    Do you feel lucky?

    Seemed like cheep insurance to me and put one in.

    Lung cancer dos not sound like fun to me.


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