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Do mini-split systems qualify as a heating system for home loans?

Ed Whitaker | Posted in Mechanicals on

I recently heard that mini-splits will not qualify as a heating system for Home loans because they can not provide full heating in the coldest New England temperatures. Is this true?

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  1. Jin Kazama | | #1



    both do...

    Do you guys seriously have to "detail" your heating system when asking for a loan ?

    What a joke.

    Even so, you use recent -25c models, and add a few backup electrical baseboards
    ( let's say 1000$ additional ) and call it a day.

  2. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #2

    I think it's probably true that some lenders would not consider mini-splits a total solution unless it came with backup.

    I think it's NOT true that mini-splits cannot be sized for operation at New England's 99% outside design temps. The Fujitsu Halcyon XLT-H series has a fully rated output at -15F, the Mitsubishi H2i series has fully specified output ratings at -13F.

    Some lenders (and some local codes) require that every room have it's own heat emitter sufficient to cover the design condition heat load, so you'd either have to show them the math that passively heating a room adjacent to the room with the mini-split head keeps it warm enough (say within 5F of the main space at the 99% condition) or something like that. Some lenders require back up or auxilliary heat for any type of heat pump.

  3. Bob Irving | | #3

    We just received approval for a house (in central NH) heated by minisplits, so not all banks reject the idea. This banker has a banker's certification in "green" building and the appraiser is very familiar also; I'm sure that helped.

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