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Operable Window With Fixed Pane

canada_deck | Posted in General Questions on

Do they make sliding glass windows with an operable window in the fixed pane? Dilemma: I need to replace a sliding patio door. I’d like to often leave it open at night for ventilation. I live in an area where I can get by with no AC if I crack a window at night but there are no windows in this room. Because of bears, rats, racoons, etc, I don’t want to leave the actual door open and rely on the screen for security.  It would be ideal if there was a sliding glass door where the fixed pane is actually an operable window (with the opening part two feet above ground level.)
Has anyone seen such a thing?

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  1. cs55 | | #1

    i'm in the process of ordering doors/windows for my house and just shot the company i'm ordering from an email asking them that.. because that actually sounds pretty damn cool. they are a generic tilt and turn window company in the US, i feel like there would be enough clearance with a lift and glide door.

  2. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #2

    I have not heard of that kind of thing. I have cut boards to various lengths to keep sliding doors from opening enough to let in critters.

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