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Does repair work have to follow current code?

Andrew_C | Posted in Building Code Questions on

It’s always about the water, and codes.

Our roof design is a mess, and our gutters are overwhelmed. I can identify most of the problems*, but since I currently live in a condo, I can’t just work on the exterior myself or hire a competent roofing and gutter contractor. I need to work through the condo association management. I have two questions.

1. When contractors do maintenance or repair, like putting on new gutters, do they have to follow current code? AFAIK, kickout or diverter flashing is required, back in 2009 IRC (905.2.8.3) and 2012 IRC (R903.2). So if a contractor puts new gutter on my condo, do they have to follow code?

2. Hardie has a best practices guide for fiber cement siding installation. [Best Practices- Installation Guide Siding and Trim, v8.2 – June 2016]. Martin often stresses the point that to not follow manufacturer’s instructions is a code violation. Is Hardie’s Best Practices guide considered their installation instructions? From the Foreword, “This manual must be read in conjunction with project drawings and specifications, applicable building codes, and relevant compliance documents. The details in this manual provide guidance on how to comply with James Hardie’s installation requirements and need to be reviewed by all parties who are responsible for installing James Hardie products on a project. “

* Valley terminating at a side wall, lack of kick-out flashing (two places), no clearance between end of gutter and fiber cement siding below where the kickout flashing should be, sagging gutters, and lack of gutter splash guards in several areas.

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  1. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #1

    This is a question for the building department in your municipality. Some code changes are required for some remodels or repairs. After that, the HOA needs to decide how best implement the code change. If the municipality has no requirement to upgrade code, then you must follow the HOA recommendation. You can always make a case for a change or variance to a municipality or HOA as well, especially when its recommended by the manufacturer of a product to be installed.

  2. Andrew_C | | #2

    Thanks Armando.

    I will visit the building department first.

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