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Experience with Doorwin Brand Windows and Doors

canada_deck | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone have experience working with Doorwin? I’ve been seeing their name pop up in a few places. Sounds like instead of working with a local company, they take your order and then build the windows/doors in China and ship them directly to you at a lower cost but with good quality.

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  1. [email protected] | | #1

    Sounds pretty simple, but then ask yourself what could possibly go wrong...?

    1. canada_deck | | #2

      Yeah obviously a lot can go wrong. At the same time, everyone who seems to have deep knowledge of the building industry has been fairly adamant that North American windows are inferior compared to what is available elsewhere and that the industry is being very slow to adapt. I've also found it extremely difficult to get reasonable service (very slow response times,) and the prices are exorbitant. I'm also becoming more and more skeptical about the actual value of any warrantee/guarantee provided by manufactures. So this route of ordering directly from an offshore manufacturer may be an interesting approach.

  2. drrenken | | #3

    I just installed my Doorwin windows. Still have to install the sliders, exterior doors and garage door. So far I don't have an complaints with them at all except that they are VERY heavy, but I would guess that is true with all triple pane windows! I ordered in late August of last year and received the shipment in early December.

  3. jackofalltrades777 | | #4

    Chinese made and imported windows. No thanks. If the supply chain disaster of the past few years taught people anything is that locally sourced products are the best route. Cargo ships sitting on the coast for weeks and months. Lead times into the 6-8 month range. US Made windows is the best route IMHO.

    1. canada_deck | | #5

      Have you tried ordering windows "locally" recently? I'm in Canada and I am seeing lead time estimates that aren't that much shorter.

      1. tdbaugha | | #7

        Have you tried Fenstür or Loewen?

    2. Bwiemels | | #6

      I would be concerned about the product coming in damaged. If there is damage you could be waiting awhile for a replacement. Although domestic windows also have pretty extensive lead times, they maybe able to have someone fix the problem or expedite a replacement faster. Another consideration when buying things in China is their lax environmental and safety standards. Manufacturing anything can lead to safety concerns, breathing in toxic fumes, ECT., Which is another aspect to why they could be less expensive. Just something to consider.

  4. nynick | | #8

    I place my Alpen order recently. They're going into production exactly 8 weeks after I ordered them. Should receive them 2 weeks later. Made in Colorado.

    1. xbcornwellco | | #10

      Good stuff!

  5. xbcornwellco | | #9

    Go American made: Alpen High performance Products :)

  6. Amanda_Ashelly | | #11

    Doorwin is a fake factory, a trading company disguised as a factory. You can find out by watching their youtube videos.

  7. jackofalltrades777 | | #12

    What happens when the window/door arrives damaged. How many weeks or months do you have to wait for a replacement? What happens when you have a warranty claim? Stick with US based companies like Alpen. Triple pane and out of Colorado. Lead times are around 4-6 weeks for Alpen, last time I checked.

    There are ways to save money but this is not one of them. Windows is something you don't want to mess around with. It will cost you a lot more in the long run if you have problems.

    Read the online reviews:
    Doorwin Windows is a Scam
    This company is a scam. FAKE FACTORY! It claims a manufacturer, while they are not! ONLY A SMALL TRADING COMPANY WITH NO SERVICES! Zero value, do not buy!
    Customer service is zero, no refund.

  8. Tim_O | | #13

    I recently passed a plan their way to see what it came back as. Unfortunately, they didn't get the details right at all. And their triple pane windows were a U value around 0.2. I left it at that.

    On a similar note - I recently came across Based out of Stuttgart. They have a pricing tool right on their website, which is really nice. They are a German distributor of windows. They have Schuco, Aluplast... etc. The big names. Prices are fairly reasonable, I don't know about shipping and how it all compares to using a stateside distributor like Denco, EAS, or GermanSystemWindows.

  9. delongc | | #14

    Good afternoon, I'm curious what you ended up deciding. I was facing some window challenges as well and am considering Doorwin. Curious if you had any feedback from your experience.

  10. jwolfe1 | | #15

    There are several owner builder, building a budget house facebook page where people have bought these windows and been very happy with them. Quotes for basic USA windows for $50k and Doorwin coming in at something like $21k delivered after shipping, tariffs and taxes.

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