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Lift-and-Slide Doors

buildzilla | Posted in General Questions on

not every window source provides a lift-n-slide option (eg alpen).

the value proposition of the lift-n-slide mechanism around improved air sealing sounds legit.

wondering if it’s worth sourcing sliders from different provider than windows to get the purported benefits of the mechanism.

of course, if there is a minimum oversea shipping cost built into the delivery that could be significant (in this case, products would need to be delivered to the US).

any one done diligence on this topic in terms of performance and potential suppliers that can share insight?

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  1. cs55 | | #1

    marketing/information does not seem entirely straight forward. theres several options.

    a lift and slide door is typically a euro style door where the threshold is built into the flooring, which will leave a flush opening. i can't comment on the construction around this, but i imagine they cost way more to install or to even buy. they are supposed to still have the multi point lock clamping of of a euro style window.

    a "tilt and glide" door, has the same style of locking/sealing as a euro style window. but theres about 2" hump to walk over.

    i have the door from the imgur link and i love it. the sash lifts out horizontally from the frame, and then you can slide it over. same as the youtube video.

    although for mine; the bottom of the frame has to be the same elevation as the interior flooring at a minimum, the one in the youtube video has a drastically different rail.

    "potential suppliers that can share insight"


    i went through them, they are more of an entry level seller but the fabrication is done in the US, the turn around time was less than 2 months. i don't know what you are aiming for in regards of entry level, high end, etc.

    i spent around $4400 on a 75x83 tilt and glide door. about $1000 of that was to swap to laminated glass from tempered. regardless of that, pella, anderson, thermatru , etc wanted $3000-5000 for laminated glass doors and had standard american style locking systems so i can't imagine that the sealing is anywhere as good.

  2. rockies63 | | #2

    Here's a video from architect Steve Baczek on Lift and Slides you might enjoy.

    1. buildzilla | | #3

      thanks rockies, that was a good watch. timely tour by the big man.

  3. drewintoledo | | #4

    Another US made option is Ventana out of Pittsburgh. You will find them rebranded from resellers such as Logic or Plesio. I've had experience first hand with both and was very impressed with the service Plesio offered:

  4. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #5

    Seriously. He has single-handedly tarnished Alpen's reputation by repeatedly posting here in a way that violates Taunton's rules.

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