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Double Strapped Roof(counter batten) to Soffit Detail

sb1616ne | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Anyone have a favorite way or best practice for the bottom of a double strapped vented under roof cavity where it meets the soffit and facia area? 475 has the below detail which seems good,  my first though was just to end it in the soffit area area above the soffit vents rather than creating a second exit point(extra step). Any thought?


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    It's a lot easier when, as in this case, the vent channel isn't also doubling as a drainage plane - and I think it's that situation which inspired their unnecessary second ventilation inlet.

    I agree: terminate what's identified as the "secondary air and water barrier" at the exterior wall, and detail the soffit venting and eaves as you usually do.

    As a bit of an aside: I wish designers would stop showing trim pieces with no viable way of supporting or attaching them (what is all that thin, unspecified material out by the eaves). They should think like the carpenter who is up on his ladder trying to find something to nail them to.

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