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Double stud walls and braced wall questions

wolfe8105 | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Assuming that the exterior wall is the load bearing wall of a double stud wall system. It would not have drywall put on its interior, for 2013 IRC. therefore, would it incur the 1.4 penalty?

2013 IRC also does not state how a perpendicular interior braced wall should be attached to the exterior braced wall. Can ladders be used or does it have to line up with a full length stud?

method cs-pf is strong enough to be used for a portal but no mention is given to its braced length requirements if it is used just as a regular braced wall.

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  1. user-6184358 | | #1

    I am not sure you can use the IRC provisions for the double stud construction. It may need to be engineered. The IRC method won't take in consideration the additional building weight of the interior wall. You can call the APA I have called and talked to a human on issues like this.

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