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DualCore HRV – TEMPEFF RGSP-K – Anyone used, installed, or spec’d this new Canadian HRV?

mr_reference_Hugh | Posted in Mechanicals on

Hello, a fellow GBA contributor made me aware of the new’ish Canadian HRV from TEMPEFF. Has anyone used, installed, spec’d one of these? Has GBA done a review to your knowledge?

It is advertised as follows:
– “is up to 92% sensible and 70% latent heat recovery in winter without the need for a defrost strategy”;
– has the “ability to fit even the most compact layouts”;
– “up to five different configurations”;
– never frosts even to -40C (or -40F);
– different models capable of 100 CFM to models with 1,600CFM

Sell sheet

DualCore calculator online

This article mentions a cost of $5,000 and up.


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  1. DennisWood | | #1

    To add, this is the link to NRC's report on that unit:

    Hugh, also a type in your thread title..."Tempeff" is the correct company name :-)

    Also attached is the pdf spec sheet for the smaller (configurable package) RFSP-K 100ECM . The cores are aluminium and built in-house. That smaller unit (100 CFM) has two cores which are more or less 46" long and 11" x 9" OD.

    No preheat or defrost strategy is required, nor is there any interruption in exchange air. For colder climates not needing pre-heat or ground loop, this not only drops the install cost, but also reduces ongoing operating costs.

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