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Ducted and ductless heads on a zoned mini-split

Jason Owsley | Posted in Mechanicals on

I performed an energy audit for a homeowner who is interested in a zoned mini-split system.

My question is whether a ducted indoor unit can be used in, say, a master bedroom suite, while a ductless indoor unit can be used in a different zone but with the same outdoor unit; or do all zones have to use the same type of indoor unit — all wall mounts, all floor mounts, all ceiling insert, etc.?

My second question is whether different zones can use different-btu/h indoor units (e.g., small family room gets a smaller indoor unit than a large living room, etc.).

As always, thanks in advance for your insight.

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  1. D Dorsett | | #1

    Most multi-zone compressors will accomodate mini-duct cassettes as well as wall-coil heads, with a mix of sizes.

    As an example, the 2-zone Mitsubishi here lists the compatible heads/cassette that will work with the compressor unit, which includes both ducted & ductless units of varying sizes, as well a ceiling cassettes, etc.:

    Fujitsu & Daikin have similar 2-zone systems with similar head/cassette compatibility listings.

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