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Duxton vs. Alpen vs. Inline

welivehonestly | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Hi all,

What are your current thoughts on windows? We have quotes from Duxton (via local distributor in Superior, WI), Alpen, and Access.

The Duxton 328 series (triple pane fiberglass) and the Alpen 625 series (suspended film, NFRC U-Factor = 0.16, Full-Frame NFRC SHGC = 0.3) are roughly equivalent. I am guessing the triple-glazing from Canada is about the same as suspended film from Colorado due to exchange rate – is that an accurate assumption?

As I have seen mentioned before, we don’t necessarily know a whole-window U-factor for the Duxtons, so I will need to ask about that.

I believe the general thinking is that triple glazing will age better than suspended film. I’d be concerned about issues 10- or 20- years down the road, as we are building our family homestead.

I would like to consider tilt and turns from Duxton and others to compare directly to their casements, but I haven’t got a clear answer on the cost difference from the local distributor yet.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. KFleischman | | #1

    Hi Patrick, Here is a video documenting some of the major issues we have had with Alpen. We have the finish peeling off, doors that don't work, wrinkling on the interior of the windows, rubber seals are popping out. Alpen has not fixed any of these issues and it has been three years since we moved in. Very frustrating.

  2. burninate | | #2

    KFleischman, I would recommend making your own thread rather than adding comments to posts that are a year or two old.

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