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Eco Drain Products

dcplatt1 | Posted in General Questions on

I intended to install an Eco Drain Vt1000 series waste water recovery pipe.  However, the following is on their “contact” page:  “Currently, we are only able to sell the VT1000 series and custom-designed heat exchangers for commercial projects.

We are planning to make our A1000 and B1000 Ecodrains available in the future as major jurisdictions begin to recognize horizontally-sloped solutions in their Codes and rebate programs. We are not currently selling horizontal products.”

Does anyone have any insight on this unavailability of products to the consumer market?  Are there other options available with similar efficiency ratings to Eco Drain?

Dennis Platt

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  1. dcplatt1 | | #1

    OK, let me answer my own question. Here is an email response I just from EcoDrain:
    " You should use the model that fits into your drain stack. A 3-inch model for a 3-inch drain stack, and 4-inch model for a 4-inch drain stack.
    Pricing is as follows: VT1000-3-54 ... US$600. (for 3-inch drain stack), VT1000-4-54 ... US$800 (for 4-inch drain stack).
    We do not have distribution in CT, but we will deliver the product to you with the above pricing (incl ground shipping). When will you need the unit? We have long lead times currently (about 8 weeks)."

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