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EIFS bubbling problem. How to fix?

longfieldl | Posted in General Questions on

 I see the concrete layer coming off of the EIFS siding on my house. Anybody knows how to fix this? I fear that this may be major water infiltration and I am not sure how to tackle this. At this point, cosmetic appearance is secondary to making sure that water is not getting in.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    I would poke a hole in the wall on the inside where you see the spalling and see what it looks like. If there is water damage, it needs to be fixed before the rest of the structure gets damaged.

    No easy fix for this, only way is to pull it all off and start again. Most likely it is missing a drainage layer behind the foam that should be draining outside the counter flashing over the step flashing for the roof. The EIFS is also too close to the roof, take a look at the proper details here (p11):

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