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Electronic Lock for European Doors

mikeferro | Posted in General Questions on

I’m about to place an order for Salamander triple pane windows and doors and trying to determine if there is any way to use an electronic lock. The doors have a multi-point locking mechanism rather than a lock strike like a typical US Made door. If an electronic lock isn’t available, what’s my next best energy efficient front door option?

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  1. wastl | | #1

    which door system did you order / plan? They have different systems and it might make a difference..
    I could ask them here if that is of interest

  2. rondeaunotrondo | | #3

    I was also considering Salamander windows and doors. Where are you sourcing them? Did you see the Ultraloq UL 300? May work.

  3. Phimnoi | | #4

    I would get my front door from Duxton in Winnipeg Canada and a digital lock from Igloohome…

  4. mikeferro | | #5

    I ended up deciding to order the Salamander windows, but not the doors. I can't say enough good things about my dealer, Performance Building Supply of Portland, ME (who I've ordered windows and doors through before), however being able to use an electronic lock was very important to me. I ended up choosing Jeld-Wen fiberglass doors with double-pane glass panels. They're middle of the road as far as energy performance, but decent enough for my Pretty Good House.

    1. rondeaunotrondo | | #6

      Thanks Mike, was this a retrofit? Or new build? Where did you source the Jeld Wen? I’m outside of Boston

      1. mikeferro | | #7

        Hi Will, this is for a new build in Maine. My Jeld-Wen doors were a special order through Home Depot. They seem to be able to get just about anything in the Jeld-Wen catalog.

        1. rondeaunotrondo | | #8

          Thanks Mike. Good to know. Mine would be a retrofit. Tough to find people to install the salamander windows for retrofits and do it correctly.

  5. Deleted | | #2


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