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Enclosing small attics behind FROG kneewalls

Dude154135 | Posted in General Questions on

I would like to store items in the small attic spaces on either side of the room above the garage (FROG). These are currently unconditioned (kneewalls insulated and the spaces are open to outside air). I live on the coast of the Carolinas and the temperature and humidity are too uncontrolled to store various items in there.

I’ve done a bit of reading and I understand I can include this area in the conditioned space.

It would be better insulated in the end (helping the FROG itself too). I would insulate the exterior walls and roof line with fiberglass batts (and baffles to allow airflow from the soffits to ridge vent). I have a few questions that I haven’t found clear answers on:

1. If I do this, there will be no airflow in these spaces. There are small doors into the areas from the FROG, but not big enough for proper air flow even if I left them open, I assume. These are about 20 feet deep and about 4ft wide and 4ft high at the peak. What have others done? I really don’t want to have to add vents to this space…
2. Generally insulation has the Kraft paper facing the “warm” side in winter. I read though that in these climates, that directionality is wrong half the year so it doesn’t really matter?
3. For the air barrier, I can cover it all up with drywall, but that’s a bit of a pain. This is just for storage. It’d be easier to use OSB and tape the seams. Is that a bad idea? What are the implications?

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