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Recommendations for HVAC Consultants

plainsbuilder | Posted in General Questions on

Anyone have some connections to energy modeling companies/individuals? We are in climate zone 6 doing a “pretty good” standard of house build but would like to have the home modeled and get some HVAC design done.

Our local HVAC contractors have been less than helpful in making any connections or advice.

Anyone one know of someone that would be good to reach out to!?
Thank you!

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  1. ranson | | #1

    I had Energy Vanguard design an HVAC system for my house. We settled on a Fujitsu 36rglxd ducted medium pressure mini split. The design was great, and the system has worked well through the winter in Zone 5.

    I have some complaints about the Fujitsu equipment, but I suggested that, so that's sort of my own fault.

    1. plainsbuilder | | #2

      Thanks John!

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