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Energy use data base?

tgray | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I am interested in comparing notes with other homeowners on energy use. I own a 1960 ranch in Southwest Pennsylvania and have done all I can think of in terms of reasonable envelope upgrades and equipment upgrades. Of course we did the envelope 1st and just this fall replaced our 80% furnace with a 96% unit. The savings as compared with last year are just not there, so we’re kind of disappointed.

It would seem that a data base should be out there where you can describe your home and equipment, etc. and enter basic usage data right off your bills — mine are kWh’s and MCF’s. This would allow one to compare against other similar homes and climates, etc. I have seen some usage described in mbtuh/sf/yr or something akin to that but to me it makes sense to express your use the same way the power and gas company does.

Anyone aware of such a data base?

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