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Drip Edge for EPDM Roofing

jonny_h | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m putting an EPDM membrane (Carlisle SAT EPDM) on a low-slope (~1.8:12 / 9 degrees) roof.  I’ve seen plenty of details with various types of edge termination — generally the membrane is wrapped over the edge, secured with some sort of termination bar or drip edge, and in some cases an additional strip of EPDM tape covers over the top of the termination bar or drip edge.  However, I’m having trouble sourcing the edge metal bits.  I bought the membrane from a local branch of a roofing supply place (ABC Supply) but they said they don’t carry the metal.  I found a company called Metal-Era which has a lot of nice stuff, but they just quoted me over $6 per foot for the most basic drip edge, which seems excessive [Notably they are set up to supply commercial jobs and basically everything appears to be custom-bent to spec, there’s not really standard parts — so their cost probably isn’t outrageous for what it is, but it’s a higher class of product than I need.]

Does anyone have an idea on places to source the edge metal necessary for an EPDM low-slope roof, or is this a situation where people just rent a brake and bend it themselves?

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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    ABC had it back when I did my roof
    EPDM is now much more common in regular building supply places, so even Home Despot might have at least one size.
    There was another commercial roofing outfit in my area that I bought some stuff from cannot remember the name... Beacon Roofing Supply

  2. gusfhb | | #2

    Just looked it up, HD has 3 inch white EPDM drip edge in stock in my local store
    description is wrong but should be the right stuff

  3. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    You can use regular dripedge with EPDM if you prefer; the only things special about the C3 dripedge (commercial 3") usually seen is the shorter, flat top leg, and the longer vertical leg that covers the typical fiber or foam underlayment (which is also optional).

  4. gusfhb | | #4

    Regular drip edge has lengthwise ribs and usually edge ruffles that I'm not sure I would want on the rubber.

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