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Selecting the Right ERV

Shawnnixon1 | Posted in General Questions on

I’m deciding between these 2 ERV for my 2200 sqft house.

One has 10 more CFM but 10% less SRE

Vanee V160E75RT 140CFM @0.2 75% SRE

Vanee v160E65RT 150CFM @0.2 65% SRE 

cost difference is 100$ more for the 150CFM 

assuming this is enough for my house

there is also LIFEBREATH 170ERV which the CFM is actually more 161CFM @0.4 and $320 cheaper but it has a PSC motor?? Vanee/Venmar has german ECM motor and erv self balances. Dedicated duct since I have no HVAC

thanks for all your help

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    I don't know anything about either, but I'll throw in another option since you need +/- 150 cfm.
    Consider two smaller ERVs.
    In a very tight house most of the need for air exchange comes from the people. If you have fewer people you need less air.
    Since most ERV's operate as either on or off, or have a very limited hi/low, if there are variance in occupancy (such as 2 people during the week, more on weekends, etc.) it might make sense to have two ERV's and only operate the 2nd when there are enough occupants in the house.

    1. Shawnnixon1 | | #2

      ERV dont funtion as on or off its just like an HRV but different

  2. Expert Member
    Akos | | #3

    With dedicated ductwork, auto balance isn't critical. If you can run it at low speed most of the time, you get pretty good efficiency out of an oversized budget ERV, something like this:

    The bonus is that on boost it has a pretty big capacity so it can clear your bathrooms quick. These also take a large standard furnace filter so much cheaper in the long run than the manufacturer specific ones.

    Since the unit is operating 24/7 ECM blowers are a must, even if you have to spend a bit extra ROI is very short.

  3. DennisWood | | #4

    Stay away from the PSC motors as they are likely sleeve bearing and won't last. Go with ECM as Akos suggests which are far more efficient at lower speeds.

    100% go with the ERV as you won't have to worry about drains. At -20C, you will likely find your house very dry if the unit is running continuously so every bit you can scavenge will equal better comfort in your home. For a family of four, you'll likely find a delivered 100 CFM will be more than enough.

    If you are dedicated duct in a cold climate, you should think about delivery temps...

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