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ERV wall switch

carmenooch | Posted in General Questions on

I’m installing the intelli-Balance 100 ERV (cold climate) (FV-10VEC2) and I’m wondering if there is a wall switch that goes with this model. From the instructions it seems I can just plug it in and use the controls on the unit itself and call it good, but the unit is in the basement and ducted to the second floor. It would be convenient to have easy access to controlling the unit for boost function for when I have extra people in the house, or to turn off during times of the year when I don’t need heat or A/C and can just open windows.

Is there a specific wall switch or can I use single pole switches?

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  1. andy_ | | #1

    Direct from Panasonic support last week when I asked a similar question: "You will need a regular on/off switch for the boost . The switch is a dry contact switch and there will be no power going to this switch. You can use 14 gauge wire to connect the boost switch."

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