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Everlast composite siding experience??

megnchris | Posted in General Questions on

Hello all – we recently went through a horrific experience with our stucco sided home.  We are planning to get rid of the stucco and put up lap siding.  We figured we would do fiber cement (Hardie), but I’ve just read an article on this site about Everlast composite siding.  It sounds like it might fall somewhere between vinyl and fiber cement as far as content.  Any experts out there with experience using Everlast?  Would you recommend it over fiber cement?   For reference, we live in Ohio.   I think we’ve ruled out LP Smartside….we don’t want anything with wood in it.  We’ve seen enough rotted would to last a lifetime!!  Also wondering how the cost of Everlast might compare to fiber cement.  Any insights would be much appreciated!  Thank you  ~Megan

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  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Hi Megnchris,

    I will give your post a bump. FYI, there is a short review on Consumer Reports. Among composite sidings, CR gives Everlast a 79 (not bad). For comparison, the reviewers give Celect Cellular Composite an 87 and CertainTeed Cedar Impressions an 86.

  2. user_8675309 | | #2

    I sided our house 6 years ago with Everlast siding and would use it again. I used it instead of fiber cement as I had added 4 inches of exterior insulation and did not want the extra weight of cement hanging off that. It was super easy to cut, both vertically and horizontally and the product seems to be very durable. It wasn't inexpensive for the siding, but not having to paint? Priceless!

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