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Thermo-Ply Sheathing

omorales01 | Posted in General Questions on

How good is thermal ply compared to OSB or plywood. I’m having a house built by DR Horton and they only use this thermal ply cardboard. should I run away from this.

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  2. Expert Member

    It's garbage compared to osb / plywood. I'll leave the others to comment.

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


      It would be hard to argue otherwise.

  3. gstan | | #4

    In the fair city where I presently reside the banks and lending institutions always hire a local appraiser before issuing a mortgage - they essentially have no opinions regarding quality of construction or quality of materials. Some appraisers do but certainly will not express them to their employers (the lending agencies). Being friendly with them will sometimes elicit a candid opinion. Those that I know commonly refer to ThermoPly and other similar materials as garbage, crap, and a few other disrespectful terms -you can, no doubt, imagine the language they employ to describe the builders who commonly use this stuff. Do they actually have enough knowledge to justify their opinions????

  4. onslow | | #5


    I lost track of the picture I wanted to provide of a Texas subdivision where only three homes were intact after a possible microburst. The link below might give you a somewhat more technical review that answers your question.

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