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Faced or Unfaced Insulation in Vented Crawlspace… Which is right?

tkb123 | Posted in General Questions on
Been getting quotes for insulation in our vented crawlspace (16″ on center). Some vendors are recommending R19 faced (with vapor barrier on the underside, facing the ground) and some recommending R19 unfaced. One guy even proposed faced with the vapor barrier on the topside, against the subfloor.
I’ve asked vendors what they think about the other POV and both say the other is wrong.

I live in Los Angeles away from the coast (Zone 3B) and already had the crawlspace subfloor air sealed. I do not have a plastic sheet/moisture barrier on the ground/dirt of the crawlspace.

I found some info on EnergyStar’s site that says:
“In regions of the Gulf and other areas with mild winters and hot summer the vapor barrier should face downwards”
So, who is right?



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